Blue Diamond Collection

Caribbean Blue Diamonds as blue as the Caribbean Sea. The Heart of the Ocean (also known as Le Cœur de la Mer) is the name of a fictional blue diamond ring featured prominently in the 1997 film Titanic. In the story, the blue diamond was originally owned by Louis XVI and cut into a heart shape after the French Revolution. Caledon Hockley, the wealthy son of a Pittsburgh steel tycoon, purchased the blue diamond ring for his fiancée Rose.

In the 1943 film Titanic, a blue diamond ring plays an important role in a love affair, as well. A primary plot point in this earlier film is the theft of the blue diamond ring.

 History and Hollywood love blue diamonds and you can too. The Hope Diamond, the most famous diamond in the world, is blue. You don't need to sail to the Caribbean to experience the beauty of these blue diamonds.