Black Velvet Diamond Collection

History of Black Diamond Jewelry
Black diamonds are the rarest in the diamond family. Also called carbonado, black diamonds were created 3.5 billion years ago. Over time, they pushed their way up to the surface through volcanic eruptions about 1 million years ago. Black diamonds are considered to be "young," as clear diamonds were formed approximately 4.25 billion years ago.

Conflicting myths concerning black diamonds appear in different cultures. In India, black diamonds were considered cursed and a sign of death, as they resembled the eyes of snakes and spiders. In Italy, however, fighting couples could save their marriage simply by touching the stone, as it was believed that all of their troubles would leave them and enter the stone. The Karloff Noir diamond is believed to be the world's largest cut black diamond at 88 carats, and legend has it that when touched, it endows the person with good luck, fortune and happiness.

Women's Jewelry
In women's jewelry, small black diamonds are often paired with small white diamonds to take advantage of the beautiful contrast between the two. Interestingly, black diamonds look better contrasting with white diamonds. Cocktail rings, earrings, pendants and tennis bracelets have enjoyed a surge in popularity, as women's fashions continue to use black and white as the basis for most designs.