The Proposal

We received an email from Sargent Major Thomas Basso who was looking for a diamond engagement ring. Not just any diamond engagement ring, but a blue diamond engagement ring. A couple of days later we also received an email from Tawny Eaton who was interested in a blue diamond ring. We receive lots of email and I did not think that these two inquiries were related until I noticed that both of these people were located in the same area.

Tawny  wanted pricing information on some of our line featuring blue diamonds so in my next conversation with Thomas, I asked him for the name of the woman he would be proposing to and he told me her name was Tawny. I told Thomas that I had been corresponding with Tawny, but she had no idea that Thomas was shopping for a blue diamond engagement ring to propose to her.  Over the next few days I worked with Tawny to find a ring that she liked and secretly let Thomas know what her preferences were. We sent the ring that Tawny liked to Thomas and this video shows how he proposed.